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The Power of Self Care

The Riveter helps women succeed in business — and in health. In a society that glorifies “busy,” The Riveter encourages time for stillness. We fiercely believe in the power of self care. You’re full of ideas, you show care to others in your life… Just imagine what you can do if you take care of yourself first!  At The Riveter, members receive limited complimentary yoga and barre classes offered 3 times daily (7am, 12 pm , and 5 pm) and meditation.  We welcome non-members to our morning and evening classes.  Join us!

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It’s simple: if you reduce stress, you prevent burnout. Productivity improves with sleep, meditation and time to recharge. This is why The Riveter encourages you to take breaks and connect with the inspiring women around you.

At The Riveter, we bring thoughtful focus on mind, body and nutrition to infuse wellness throughout your workday.


Research shows that workers exposed to sunlight, plants, and natural elements in the workplace report better moods, more kind and helpful behaviors, and higher satisfaction in their work. You’ll see these elements throughout The Riveter’s innovative wellness areas and workspaces. And, when you need a minute or ten to reset, we welcome to you our meditation room for clarity and focus — two essential keys to productivity.


At The Riveter, we recognize all the benefits of movement — physical, mental and emotional. Exercise boosts your confidence, takes down anxiety, and, because exercise changes the brain by increasing the size of the hippocampus, a workout makes you smarter! We offer yoga classes at the beginning of the day for a fresh start, for a midday break, and at the end of the day, so you can be your best self wherever life takes you next.

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We promote wellness in every aspect of life, including the food we eat. You already know there’s a direct correlation to how you eat and how you feel. We help you feel your best by partnering with brands on a similar mission and bringing you options for optimal health and productivity.