November 2, 2021

Tips to Fill the Longevity Gap at Work

Yesterday, we started #theunfilteredlife series sponsored by AARP with an amazing conversation with Argent founder and CEO, Sali Christeson. Work, culture and life in general has changed enormously over the lifetime of today’s older adults (especially in the last 2 years) and so has their perspective of what life would be at their age. The reality is that although older adults have lived through the evolution from an analog world to a digital one, there is still a significant gap in generational experiences. So, we wanted to not just get real about it, but get unfiltered!

Age matters at work, and we all need to create a diverse environment — not just of race and gender, but of age. We all have something to learn from each other, no matter our background, no matter how many years we have worked, no matter what our position is. As we head back into the office or stay at home, let’s ensure that we are not only working in a silo, but with colleagues that can open your mind and expand your insights! Here are some tips to help ensure diversity of age:

  • Openly discuss age without stigma. 
    • Yes, aging happens. We get older. Let’s start embracing our ages, speaking it out loud, and celebrating it!
  • Stop demeaning people for lack of knowledge in an area due to age. 
    • Yes, there are some generations that are better at tiktok. But they might not know many other things that someone 40 years older does. Rather than belittle or mock someone, create an environment where differences are embraced. 
  • Find ways to partner or build unity between older and younger generations. 
    • In our discussion, Sali mentioned that her assistant is older than her, and everyone in her company loves working with her and greatly respects her. Look for areas in your company where you are missing opportunities for greater perspective and growth because everyone on a team comes from the same generation. If we all think the same way, how can we learn?
  • Be open minded. 
    • It sounds easy, but it is also very easy to think that your way is the best way. Instead, lead with the mentality that you don’t know what you don’t know, and maybe someone else does know. 

Now, join us in not only taking these steps, but sharing your unfiltered life, using the hashtag #theunfilteredlife and tagging both @theriveterco and @aarp. Post a photo of your life that you don’t always share with the world — the messy reality, the dirty dishes, the sweatpants that we can’t see below the zoom screen. Share your unfiltered world with us as we break down the barriers and get real!