The Top 5 Things Small Businesses Can Do Right Now

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Are you struggling to manage your small business during COVID-19, or know someone who is? During a recent conversation in The Riveter’s online community, Hello Alice co-founder Carolyn Rodz shared some incredibly helpful insights and resources for founders who are having trouble getting access to the help they need. Here, she distills her top five tips.

Lean on your community and ask questions! 

There will always be decisions that are hard to make, but reach out to those around you and in your network, rather than spending an hour googling the answer to something that could be answered quickly by a mentor.

Seek credible information and resources.

If you don’t have a relationship with a financial institution, start with community banks, or go to the Small Business Administration website or the Hello Alice COVID-19 Business Resource Center for help. 

Most SBAs are holding webinars that have one-on-one opportunities to ask questions. Visit the SBA or SBDC (Small Business Development Center) websites to review available resources and information.

Through the Hello Alice COVID-19 Business Resource Center, business owners can connect with peers and experts to get the help they need in real time, including comprehensive access to financial support, government programs, real-time policy updates, enterprise discounts, virtual events, and step-by-step guides to help apply for government programs. 

Get in touch with experts who can help you navigate during this time.

Hello Alice has expert guides and accessible resources that explain how to apply for Paycheck Protection Program funding. Weekly live huddles and “ask me anything” expert sessions are just two of your options. To learn more and access these resources, you can sign up for a free Hello Alice account here.

Apply, apply, apply.

Hello Alice is providing small business owners the opportunity to apply for $10,000 COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grants, that include mentorship for every applicant, on an immediate rolling basis. And their COVID-19 Business Resource Center is constantly being updated with new, comprehensive resources, how-to guides and additional funding opportunities available to small businesses.  

Remember that using your authentic voice matters more than ever.

Now, more than ever, people don’t want superficial or irrelevant information. We’re all navigating this uncertain time together. Identify what makes your voice authentic, and put your values front and center in all of your messaging.

Carolyn Rodz serves as co-founder and CEO of Alice (, which helps businesses launch and grow. A free multi-channel platform powered by AI technology, Alice guides business owners by providing access to funding, networks and services. Carolyn oversees the machine learning and product growth of the company.

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