The Riveter Way, Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Lifting Each Other – Our Favorite (Free) Ways to Lift Each Other Up

On this journey, we all need each other. That’s the powerful part of having a community: You get as much as you give. Communities are there to support and encourage you when you’re feeling challenged. Especially on the road to bringing your vision to life, there will be setbacks and challenges. You’ll get through those rough patches and excel if you can tap into your community of support, connection inspiration.  Communities should inspire us as much as we inspire them. At all times, we’re all lifting each other up.

Giving your energy to others doesn’t have to be super costly or totally time-intensive. The ways that we strengthen our ties can be meaningful without costing us a dime. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate others in our network:

  1. Encouragement. Send an encouraging text, email, or voice memo. Words are powerful and you may say or send the perfect thing at just the right time. Your community needs to hear from you. 
  2. Mentorship. Make time for someone on their way up. Whether that’s a monthly phone call or weekly get-togethers, find someone who could benefit from your story, experience, and advice. 
  3. Access. Be intentional about sharing opportunities, positions, or your time within and beyond your own community. If we only share within our networks, it’s likely that the opportunities we share will be filled with people that are similar to us. Diverse networks are networks that thrive. One way to get there is to share opportunities beyond our current networks. 
  4. Introductions. Offer up one of your connects. Bring people together that you know could benefit from one another. Introductions and connections can have game-changing impact. 
  5. Advice. Share how you navigated a tough situation. Be honest with your stories. Often people only get to see the highlights, but there’s so much that others can learn from our advice on how we handled the hard parts of our journey. 
  6. Volunteering. Give your time to a cause that matters to you.  Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn, engage with others and help make a difference.
  7. Social Love. Have you shouted out important things other people are doing? Social media is a free way to share and encourage others. You can tell others about someone else’s accomplishment,, a new product someone launched, or share a link to an interesting event. 
  8. Mock Interviews. Open up your time to a young professional in need of experience and feedback. Phone calls or skype interviews can really help young professionals gain experience and insight that they may not have otherwise had.
  9. Celebrations. Get excited about amazing people doing amazing things. And tell them. The more we can express gratitude for those around us in the moment, the more positive energy we’ll be sending their way.
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