The Riveter Way, Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Know Your Network – 6 Women Tells us About Their Life-Changing Connections

Connections can happen anywhere and at any time. Our network requires a diverse group of people to help support and push our goals forward. The more meaningful group activities that we can take part in and the more activities we can find that unlock conversation and connection, the more likely we are to meet someone who can help us on our path. No one achieves their goals alone. We need each other.

We asked some of our community members at The Riveter where they made connections that were life-changing. Take a look at their stories!

“I went to a Riveter event on insurance, and one of the organizers was a woman who started her own financial company to help people with their money. We chatted a bit and she invited me to interview with her company! I’ve now accepted an offer and can’t wait to start working with her!”

Christina Gonzalez

“When I was 22, I planned a 400-person journalism conference in Boston. While working the conference, I met a woman named Amy O’Leary. She was then at the New York Times, developing their innovation report, and she impressed me very much with her kindness and intelligence. A year later, she reached out to me to ask me to join her team at Upworthy, where she was attempting to integrate journalism and viral news. While that job was crazy, it taught me a lot– and Amy has been a tireless advocate for me ever since. When I started freelancing, she was one of the people in my circle who connected me with people she knew, offered me paid jobs right away, and encouraged me to keep going.”

Jenni Gritters, ZEST Storycraft

“The most recent life-changing connection was definitely meeting Mandy and The Riveter’s Goal Getters program. This group has helped me like living in Seattle much better and has given me tons of advice and feedback for building my new second business.”

Micha Goebig Phelps, Go Big Coaching

“When I quit my job in architecture to start a podcast, I didn’t know the first thing about audio production. I had my uncle (who worked in radio) post on a listserv of independents in radio on my behalf. Through that, I met Ula — a radio producer in New York who was interested in making the same kind of show that I was. Over the following 2 years we worked together as equal partners to build the podcast. She taught me so much about audio storytelling, connected me with other radio producers, taught me about the industry, and edited my stories. Even though we’ve since decided to part ways professionally (she was way too busy with her full-time job), our partnership over those 2 years really shaped me and the show. It made me a better story-teller and gave me permission me to start seeing myself as a podcast producer.”

Julia Drachman,

“Meeting my husband was a big instigator in my wanting to become an entrepreneur. When you have a romantic relationship with someone, you get to know them so well and you take them off a pedestal. In my case, living with him gave me access to a mentor, someone who was constantly willing to brainstorm with me, but also knew the personal and emotional challenges I was taking on.”

Lynn Juve,

“Lynn Juve is another Riveter member that has made a significant impact on me as I grew my business. Often times as a woman, it’s easy to give advice to others, but not take the advice yourself. So even as a money coach, teaching women to advocate for themselves and set themselves up for financial success, I was devaluing my own work by not charging for my services. Lynn helped me to apply my values not only to others but to myself as well, which in turn helped my business be more successful.”

Stephanie Xenos, Money Muse
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