The Riveter Summit: How To Pivot — Our Careers, Our Message, Our Lives

Sometimes we work to get to a place that turns out to be different than what we expected, or we find that our destination wasn’t built for us. Enter “The Pivot,” a natural part of many of our careers and businesses. Pivoting can be intimidating, painful and cathartic. Hear about how to know when you’ve reached the must-pivot point and how to make it happen.


– Erica Keswin, Moderator; Best-selling Author, Founder of the Spaghetti Project
– John Lippman, CEO, Book of the Month
– Tiffany Dufu, CEO & Founder of The Cru
– Jen Hatmaker, New York Times Best-selling Author and Host of the “For the Love” Podcast.
– Vanessa Liu, Vice President SAP.iO Foundries North America
– Amy Jo Martin, NY Times Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur & Mother