The Riveter Summit 2019: Money Is Power. Make More.

We all know that those who have the money have the power, but in a world where women only receive 2.2% of venture capital dollars — with only .0006% going to black women — and only 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, how do we level the playing field for women? In this panel, we will explore how both female entrepreneurs and women in the C-suite are changing the ratio to make more money for all women now.


– Karen Cahn, Moderator; Founder and CEO of iFundWomen
– Hitha Palepu, CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals, Investor, Author
– Lindsey Taylor Wood, Founder and CEO of The Helm
– Sarah Feingold, Co-Founder, The Fourth Floor
– Danita Johnson, President and COO of the LA Sparks