How to Raise $20 Million in 7 Steps, Lesson 4

The Art of The Pitch – How the Riveter Positioned Themselves for a Series A Round

The heart of your pitch is a simple, three-step exercise: what, why and how. This is also your elevator pitch, and it is the core of what investors need to hear. The what, why and how are the three crucial pieces that will set the tone and pathway for investing. Your pitch should communicate your story, and you should be incredibly passionate about the content of your outline, because you’re committing your life to this by fundraising against it. 

The why should cover your big vision for your company and the mission you’re passionate about. This is a time to think about the future not as it will be, but as you think it should be, and what is needed to get there. You’ll want to explain what you plan to do to make that future not just a possibility, but a reality. The why is the part of the pitch that will really get people’s attention upfront. Make it bold. Then, the what is what you’re offering. Your intended value proposition is the category that you’re in, who your business is for, and how it improves on what they already have. Get really specific here. Lastly, the how is what your actual plan is to go from where you currently are to where you’ll be that gets a huge return on investment. This is your business strategy, your hiring strategy and your ultimate exit plan. 

Take a look at how The Riveter positioned themselves when Amy went out to raise a Series A. Then, in the worksheet below, you’ll get a chance to work on an outline for yourself.

Q: Why should your business exist?

The Riveter’s Answer:  We exist because women are still massively disadvantaged in the workplace, whether as entrepreneurs or working with a Fortune 500. Change is not just needed; it is needed urgently.  

Q: What are you building and for whom?

The Riveter’s Answer: We’re creating a modern union for working women to help fill that gap and accelerate the growth of working women as individuals and as a group.

Q: How do you plan to make it successful?

The Riveter’s Answer:  We’ll succeed by bringing together the collective power of women — and their allies — for change by delivering community, coworking and content. And of course by creating an awesome team of Riveters and supporters along the way.

Remember, when you present these answers, you want to tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them how you’re going to tell them. Tell them. And then tell them what you told them. This rule of three – the why, what and how will help not only you but other people on your team easily pitch your business. And it’ll make investors more easily grasp on to your story. Now, workshop your own pitch in the worksheet below. 

Writing a Successful Pitch Worksheet:

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