Talking Policy with Amy Klobuchar

The presidential candidate stopped by The Riveter to talk through some of the issues facing the U.S. today.

The Riveter Denver hummed with anticipation on a recent Wednesday afternoon, as a sold-out crowd packed the space to hear from senior Minnesota senator and presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar.

The event was hosted by our friends at InvestHER, and they welcomed guests to the space before passing the microphone to Colorado State Senator Julie Gonzales, who primed the crowd for Klobuchar’s speech. The candidate did not disappoint: Klobuchar delivered a rousing speech that touched on gun control, climate change, immigration, and (to the room’s delight) the importance of electing women.

On gun control: “When it comes to the assault weapon ban, and magazine limits…as your President I will not fold.”

On climate change: “Climate change is not happening 100 years from now. It’s happening now.”

On immigration: “Immigrants don’t diminish America, they ARE America.”

On electing women: “There are still people doing the work of building communities. This is the work women know how to do implicitly.”

The Riveter was honored to host the Senator’s remarks, and we look forward to bringing more candidates into our spaces. As Klobuchar reminded the crowd: “What unites us in this country is so much more than what divides us…It’s time to cross the river on our divides to get to a higher plane in America.”

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