Next Stop: Equity for Women

Why Supermajority is driving a bus around the country to organize American women

You know the saying: “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” For women at this moment in this country — from our homes to the workplace — it’s become more than a mantra, it’s the reality. Women make up more than half of the population in this country, we are nearly half of the workforce and hold the most spending power. In 2018, women made up 53 percent of the voters, and propelled a record number of women, and specifically women of color, into office. Yet, when it comes to how our concerns and needs are addressed by our government and the private sector, women and our power are being ignored. Despite our numbers, we are not truly equal. 

Even so, women are responding to the status quo, not just with anger but with solidarity and action. They aren’t sitting on sidelines — they’re raising their hands and saying, “I want to do more.” That’s why my fellow co-founders, leading women organizers like Alicia Garza, Ai-jen Poo, Deirdre Schifeling, Jess Morales Rocketto, and Katherine Grainger, and I launched Supermajority and the Supermajority Education Fund —  to build and activate the power of women of all backgrounds, races and generations. 

In 2020, Supermajority aims to build a grassroots community of 2 million people committed to women’s equality and to create the largest woman-to-woman voter contact program in America. 

To begin our work toward that goal, on September 15, Supermajority is hitting the road with a cross-country bus tour to engage, train and mobilize women and our allies — meeting them where they are, from living rooms to union halls to small businesses. We’ll roll out Majority Rules, a vision for how women can live, work and rise together. It will be the rallying cry for millions of women, no matter their background, race or generation. We’ll also be joined by several presidential candidates along the way — including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kamala Harris, former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — who will listen, rather than talk, to women. 

Women aren’t a special interest group. We’re the majority of the people in this country. Our power is undeniable. We know, now more than ever, that elections matter and the outcome of this next election will have a profound impact on women and all people in America. 

We are imagining a world where women are truly equal and we’re building it together because together, we’re unstoppable. 

Join the Supermajority community and learn more about the bus tour here!

Cecile Richards is the co-founder of Supermajority.