The Riveter Way: A Signature Course to Make Your Vision Happen in 8 Simple Steps

Lesson 1: Who You Are. Who We Are – 4 Business Owners Share What Matters Most

If you know why you’re setting goals and what’s the most important to you, you’ll have a north star for decision-making. It will help you in setting the right vision for what’s next, rather than setting the one that sounds “good”, “right”, or like something you “should” be doing.

For example, if you know supporting professional women is what matters most to you, you probably shouldn’t take a job where you main goal will be to develop programs for kids. Or, if what matters most to you is geographical flexibility, you probably wouldn’t want to open a brick-and-mortar store.

Knowing what matters most can guide you as you navigate decision-making, setbacks, and new ideas. There’s no right or wrong in establishing this intention. We asked some of our community members, “What matters most to you?” Take a look at their answers to see just how varied your own answer could be!

“Assisting homeless women ages 55 and older who are currently struggling with severe housing instability to regain and maintain a life of dignity and independence.”

Sheryl F Brown, Founder

“Telling thoughtful, honest, authentic, and vulnerable stories. Without that, my podcast wouldn’t be worth making. It doesn’t make me much money and it doesn’t have a large audience, but as long as the work I’m making is affecting a handful of people and making me a better, more thoughtful, more curious person, it’s worth doing.”

Julia Drachman,

“Balance matters most to me in my business because I spent many years working long hours and feeling burnt out. Now I’m a content creator and most of the content I create is about living a balanced life; that can mean teaching people about new health discoveries, looking at the wellness industry with a critical eye, or talking about why it’s beneficial to spend time outside. But it’s important to me that I’m walking the walk, too. I try to integrate these findings into my life and I want to be an example of success without burnout.”

Jenni Gritters, CEO and Founder, ZEST Storycraft 

“I am obsessed with helping women achieve financial independence so they can choose a life that fulfills them. While money can’t buy happiness, it can buy you freedom of choice, ability to chase inspiration, and feelings of safety.”

Stephanie Xenos, Money Muse

Once you determine what matters most to you in the next worksheet, share your answer with the community!

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