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What 4 Founders Wish They Had Known Before Deciding to Pursue a Venture-Backed Company

Founding a venture-backed company is unlike any other career choice. It’s an incredible experience that can have great payoff — not just in financial success, but in the individual growth it requires of its founders. There’s no way to know everything before getting started: There will be many lessons you’ll learn only by going through the experience. However, you can still learn from the wisdom, successes and challenges of people who have already gone through this one-way door and decided to fundraise. We asked four founders what they wish they’d known before pursuing a venture-backed company, and here’s what they shared: 

“I wish I had known how much fun it is. While it’s true that the pressure on your metrics is different in a venture-backed company versus a self-funded one, it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to create value for not only your end-users, but also your investors. Not everyone is a great fit to run a venture-backed company, but if you think you might be a fit: you are!”

Molly Beck, Messy.FM

“I wish someone had told us that once you start fundraising, you really never stop. 🙂 ”

Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare

“I wish I had known more people. People who had been there and done it. I didn’t have a good network — especially for talent/hiring.”

Emma McIlroy (aka Irish), Wildfang

“That it’s a numbers game when getting VC money. You can fail pitching hundreds, even thousands of times, it doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t exist.”

Lisa Fetterman, Nomiku

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