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How 3 Entrepreneurs Got the Meeting That Funded Their Dream

Most of the big, momentum-building meetings that you land as an entrepreneur will be a result of many months of hard work. As the saying goes, overnight successes are typically ten years in the making. In order to get to the meeting or the connection that will open up game-changing doors that lead to funding, you’ll have to stay diligent about your connections, maintaining contact, and not getting discouraged. One person, as was the case for Amy and The Riveter, can be the person that leads to the seminal meeting.

There’s no secret potion or magic bullet to figure out when and where this will come from. To look for clues and inspiration about where successful connections and meetings originate, we asked a few successful entrepreneurs how they got the meeting that changed everything. Here’s what they told us:

“I met a fellow founder at a YC Female Founder’s conference and she went on to become a big SVP at Samsung and point us in the direction of the venture team. It led to our biggest round to date. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t and you should treat everyone as a potential customer or investor.”

Lisa Fetterman, Nomiku

“There was an investor on our short list that we stalked for about a year. The timing wasn’t quite right to ask for an investment early on, so we kept them updated on our progress but never pursued a partnership. One year during SXSW we took the leap and spent 20 minutes succinctly outlining our company’s past, present and future. Providing inroads into our backstory and building the relationship over 12 months helped to close the deal! Nothing but old-fashioned grit, communication, and perseverance.”

Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare

“I got a meeting with Tony Hsieh and wasn’t looking for funding, but that’s what ended up happening. It’s a longer story, but my advice is when you decide to give someone your time and invest in a partnership — go all in or not at all. You never know what it could be.”

Emma McIlroy (aka Irish), Wildfang

A Checklist For Setting Up Meetings With Investors Worksheet:

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