But Really, We Run the World

The newness of 2018 is starting to fade, but the momentum of disruptions that began in 2017 remain, and they’re becoming even stronger. Amidst the uprisings, two emotions have begun to crystalize in our world: The feelings of power and being proud.

Not a day goes by that our team hasn’t felt a burst of pride for the voices of the women surrounding us–our coworkers, members and partners at The Riveter, the women speaking up in the media (Oprah is a real MVP), our friends, our acquaintances. We’re proud of the brave women coming forward to share their stories, of the women and men around the world standing in solidarity to say Time’s Up. Proud to be part of a company that will truly make a difference in the world around us. And while we’re proud of what’s happened thus far, we are also excited

We’re in the middle of building something powerful. And we feel that. Everything The Riveter does is designed to help women in business succeed. To invite ambition. Within our membership and without, we’ve banded togetheras a community. We have power in numbers. And together, we have power in our voices. With that, we will TRULY implement change for women in the workplace and for women around the world. 

So here’s to sticking up for ourselves and the women around us. Here’s to never letting someone else believe they’re more powerful than our own self. Here’s to creating our world, the equal world.

Here’s to no more silence.



Last year we marched. This year we act.

Sunday, Jan. 14 – Poster Making Party

Get ready to make a statement at our poster making party. Members of our community have donated supplies (poster stakes, posters, markers) to our event. Bring what you can to share. RSVP here so we can track supplies needed.

Saturday, Jan. 20 – The Womxn’s March 

Join us as we kickoff a weekend of action to celebrate the anniversary of the women’s march. We will be hitting the streets to ensure our voices continue to be heard during the Seattle Women’s March 2.0. Meet us at The Riveter Capitol Hill at 9 a.m. to march together!

Sunday, Jan. 21 – Day of Action

The Riveter is partnering with Seattle Womxn Marching Forward for a Day of Action to educate and build an even stronger community.

Tuesday, Jan. 23 – Member Event: Supper + Salon

At our monthly Supper + Salon for The Riveter Members, we’ll have a wrap-up following our Womxn ACT on Seattle weekend. Members, let’s reflect on the past year and discuss how you were affected.

We hope you’ll join us as we prepare to remind the world of the impact we will be making.  

Photos provided by Seattle Womxn Marching Forward.