Catherine L Wheeler & Zoë Bassey-Rowell


Catherine L Wheeler

Catherine Wheeler is a change management expert and organization fixer, think Olivia Pope minus the scandals. She’s spent over a decade coaching top leaders of Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations through significant transformations, including a $19.5B acquisition; challenging and equipping them to successfully navigate the terrains of people systems and organizational design for mission-driven impact.

What she has discovered in over a decade of research and coaching is that the narratives we believe are core to the experiences and outcomes we create for ourselves, those around us and the organizations we serve and lead. For leaders, leadership is the story people believe about you. For organizations, culture is the story people experience.

A teacher at heart she ignites and expands the curiosity and creativity of captive audiences globally during keynote addresses, conferences, podcasts and webinars.

When she’s not transforming leaders and organizations you can find her cuddled in blankets with her husband and daughter, scrolling Pinterest for five-ingredient recipes.


Zoë Bassey-Rowell

Forward-thinking, inspirational e-commerce business leader offering a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills. Strong expertise in vendor/client relationship management, strategic negotiations, and creating winning go-to-market strategies. Experienced in hiring and developing top talent.

Zoë Bassey-Rowell is currently the Chief Operating Officer at The Riveter.