Dr. Maysa Akbar


Maysa Akbar, PhD, ABPP is a groundbreaking psychologist, best-selling author, and policy advocate. She obtained her degree from Yale University where she serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor. Dr. Akbar is a distinguished thought leader and expert in racial-trauma, allyship, equity, diversity, and inclusion. She is the author of Urban Trauma which introduced a framework and treatment model addressing race-based trauma in POC. Dr. Akbar is the founder and CEO of Integrated Wellness Group, a psychotherapy practice specializing in treating race-based trauma with unparalleled diversity and expertise in clinical staffing since 2008. Nationally, Dr. Akbar is sought after to lead agencies in their efforts to promote antiracism and advance racial equity. Internationally, as a representative for APA at the United Nations, Dr. Akbar drives racial equity into global conversations.