The gender pay gap affects everyone.
We are Not 100.

For every 100 cents that a white man makes…

A woman makes


A Latina woman makes


A Pacific Islander woman makes


An Asian woman makes


A Black woman makes


A White woman makes


A Native American woman makes


In the U.S., Asian American women earn 85 cents to the man’s dollar. White women, 77 cents. Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women, 62 cents. Black and African American women, 61 cents. Native American women, 58 cents. Latina women, 53 cents.*

These numbers are facts, but they also tell a story. The gender wage gap hurts us all. We are #not100. April 2 marks Equal Pay Day, a date that marks the number of extra days a woman must work to earn what a man earned in the previous year. Think about that: April 2. 92 days into the year.

The Riveter believes that all women deserve to earn 100% of what a job pays. Anything less is selling short our contribution, and limits our cumulative household, community, and national potential and value. There’s no one way to solve the gender pay gap, but efforts are being made by established companies, startups and public and private sector, alike. At The Riveter we believe conversation and community can generate power for greater results. We’ll shine a light on gender pay equity throughout the year, and will bring you ideas from the leading minds working toward pay equity. We also want to hear from you about your experience and how you’re driving change in your community.

Until there is equal pay, we are #not100.

National Committee on Pay Equity
U.S. Census Bureau data

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