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The Embodiment of Service

By: Jennifer DeBusk Alviar, M.Div   There is a certain beauty and alchemy to co-working that I didn’t fully appreciate until I became a member of The Riveter during its May 2017 launch. On one level, it offers a meaningful quality of community building for women, work and wellness. That, [...]

Breaking the Service Addiction

The Second Pillar of Internalized Sexism:  Serving Others Andrea was a 35 year old female founder who had pioneered a software company in her living room and gone on to national acclaim. She was ready to 10x her company but time and again in rooms of funders she wouldn’t frame [...]

No Such Thing As Perfectionism

Recently we began a three-week installment on the three pillars of Internalized Sexism, (that is: how girls are trained into “underachieving”). Breakthrough strategies will be discussed at the Live:Learn “You Have What You Need” on July 11, at 10am --so bring your questions! --Laura

Ladies Who Lunch

It’s easy to slip into the habit of grabbing a take-out lunch every day, especially when we already feel overwhelmed and think that packing ourselves a lunch will just add one more thing to the “to-do” list. Here are some ideas and strategies for bringing your lunch, so that you can ultimately save money and get healthier in the process!

Important Reasons for Using Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

Mindfulness is a word we hear tossed around often these days. A discipline used in hospitals, schools, prisons, and more and more frequently – the workplace. The benefits are staggering, but what exactly is mindfulness, and how do you actually practice?

May’s Member Spotlight: Carrie Melissa Jones

Riveter member Carrie Jones is a connecter. She enjoys bringing people together both personally and professionally and is a huge believer in the power of community. In her words, community is what makes us human.

Forget Networking, Build a Community

We invest a lot in our personal relationships - we seek out people who will make a positive imprint on our lives, who help us to become better individuals, or fulfill our potential.

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