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Are there any additional fees outside of membership pricing? 2018-02-05T10:04:16+00:00

For all Private Office and Dedicated Desk membership plans, a one-time administrative fee will appear on your first membership plan invoice ($125 for Private Office members and $100 for Dedicated Desk members). This covers building and office access setup, cleaning services, re-key of lockable storage, and workspace furniture maintenance.

Can I split a membership with a friend? 2017-04-07T06:23:10+00:00

We have a variety of membership packages and workspaces. We welcome teams in our Team Room and large workspaces. We designed our private workspaces and dedicated desks for solo practitioners and, as such, the membership packages for these spaces include credits for one member. A corporation or non-profit, however, is welcome to purchase a private workspace or dedicated desk. A corporate membership includes a benefit package for one and the workspaces may only be used by one individual at a time, but the membership packages may list up to two individuals.

We have an incredible assortment of floating desk memberships designed to fit the varied needs of our members. Floating desk memberships may not be shared or assigned.

I am not sure how many days I will use, how easy is it to upgrade and downgrade? 2017-03-08T18:43:16+00:00

It’s easy. You can upgrade your membership at any time, depending on availability. To downgrade, we just ask that you provide us with 30 days notice, per our membership agreement.

What are the hours that I can cowork? Is there an option for odd work hours? 2017-04-07T06:10:50+00:00

Our general “office hours” are Monday-Friday from 8 am – 6 pm and our staff will be present at the location during those hours. Dedicated Desk and Private Workspace members enjoy 24/7 access via keycard to the space. Floating Desk members may request extended work hours in conference rooms from 6 pm to 9 pm.

How do the daily and hourly bundles work? 2017-03-08T18:43:28+00:00

We know that your life needs flexibility and we aim to please. If you decide to purchase our 10-day bundle or 10-hour bundle, that means you can come any 10 days or any 10 hours in a six month period. You never have to reserve or tell us in advance which days you’re coming, and you’re welcome to work at any open floating desk.

I travel a lot. Are the membership options flexible to that? What if I only want to be a member for one month? 2017-04-07T06:36:18+00:00

We’d love to have you! We offer many flexible membership levels that allow you the freedom to use our space on a come-and-go basis, according to your work, travel and meeting needs. Good options for a short-term users would be to purchase a ten-day pass ($300), a ten-hour pass ($75) or a day pass ($40).

Are your memberships really month-to-month? 2017-03-08T18:43:41+00:00

Yes! Our flexible month-to-month commitment provides you with the stability of a permanent workspace along with the flexibility you need to grow your business, and the support to help you build a community.

Do all memberships begin on the first of the month? 2017-04-07T06:09:29+00:00

All of our membership plans begin the day you sign up. Monthly membership plans are billed monthly on the 1st, with your first month prorated for mid-month start dates. Daily and Hourly floating desk plans, as well as Community membership plans, are pay-as-you-go. Our one-calendar month move-out policy requires move out on the last day of the month for Private Workspaces and Dedicated Desks. If this day lands on a weekend, arrangements will be made accordingly.

Is there an application process? 2017-03-26T06:05:38+00:00

The registration process is simple, quick and immediate. You can register online for any level of membership and in most cases, start the same week. Before you officially become a member you must agree to the online membership agreement and terms and conditions. All memberships are based on availability; as necessary, we will have a waiting list for desks.


Do you have any connections to investors or local groups to help get my startup off the ground? 2017-03-08T18:42:45+00:00

The Riveter has a wide variety of partnerships and resources to get you connected to the individuals and groups that can help support the growth of your business. Our community includes many entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and others. We know that raising money for your business is hard. And we also know that the numbers show it’s much harder for women than men. Women, for example, receive only 7 percent of venture capital funding. This is not acceptable and we are dedicated to finding a better way. The Riveter founders are more than happy to talk shop on this subject, as we have been there before and will be there again. Our entire team is happy to make any introductions we can – just reach out to one of us kickstart this conversation.

What is the best way to meet other members? 2017-03-27T04:57:39+00:00

We always tell our members that the more you put into your membership, the more you get out of it! We make sure we’re here to help you break into the social scene, meet new allies and connect with others who share your interests. We have amazing founders, leaders, wellness practitioners, and staff, who are happy to help answer any questions and introduce you to others. We also have our member photo directory on our Members site, making it easier to match all the faces with the names. We’re also hosting plenty of events to help you grow your business, find time for self-care, enjoy a break – and, of course, meet your colleagues!

Are there certain kinds of businesses that join The Riveter? 2017-03-08T18:42:58+00:00

Definitely not. We welcome members from all industries, professions, hobbies and ideas. Our membership includes architects and authors, photographers and web developers, as well as life coaches, corporate folks, and women working on kickass volunteer projects. And you don’t have to have your next ten steps – or even your next step – mapped out to join us and find inspiration. We’ve all been there and will be there again. The common thread among The Riveter members is a desire to be a part of our community and a belief in the incredible power of women helping women.


Do you offer childcare? 2017-04-07T06:12:16+00:00

We are proud to offer a Mother’s Room and welcome babies in arms. We know how difficult it is to find childcare and are always trying to find solutions for our members. Though we do not offer on-site childcare at this time, we are working with our partners to provide flexible child-care options, to be rolled out shortly.

Can I host evening events at The Riveter? 2017-04-07T06:19:29+00:00

Yes! We would love to host your event! We offer our meeting spaces to members and love to sponsor events for your friends, too. We have a beautiful 3,000 square foot event space for larger gatherings. For more information on our meeting spaces and rates, please contact us.

What other add-on services do you have? 2017-04-07T06:17:51+00:00

We offer lockers – a lockable location to keep all the stuff you don’t want to take with you. Lockable storage cabinets are included for Private Workspace and Dedicated Desk membership plans. Lockers are available at an additional cost to all other members.

How do I reserve a conference room? 2017-03-26T06:04:32+00:00

You can make a reservation for a conference room or a touchdown meeting room via the Members site. Just select an available room, based on the room size and length of the reservation, and the desired date. For both touchdown meeting room and conference room reservations, we have a first-come, first-served policy and recommend making a reservation as early as possible to guarantee availability.

What size conference rooms do you offer? 2017-04-07T06:16:07+00:00

Our space has a variety of different rooms, which can accommodate teams from 1-8 people.

How do conference room reservation credits work? 2017-03-08T18:42:02+00:00

All monthly memberships (Private Workspace, Assigned Desk and Floating Desk) include a monthly reservation credit allocation that can be used to reserve conference rooms. Credits do not roll over from month to month. If you maintain a different membership level or have used your monthly conference room and workspace credits, you are free to make reservations at a cost of $15 per credit. Conference room reservations vary depending on the size of room and length of reservation.

How do printing credits work? 2017-04-07T06:15:15+00:00

All monthly memberships (Private Workspaces, Dedicated Desk and Floating Desk) include a monthly credit allocation that can be used for both color and black & white prints and copies. Credits do not rollover from month to month. If you maintain a different membership level or have used your allotted printing credits, you are free to print and copy at an additional cost.

What if my company needs phone service? 2017-04-07T06:14:29+00:00

Unlimited domestic VoIP phone service is available for Private Workspaces for a fee of $45/month per user. International calling services are available at an additional fee.

I am on the phone a lot. Is this still a good place for me? 2017-03-08T18:42:33+00:00

Absolutely. In our space, we have created areas that are conducive to phone calls. In our common areas, you are free to make and take phone calls, Skype calls, etc. However, we do ask that you do not use a speakerphone in common areas as this is disruptive to the rest of the community. If you need more privacy, you can use one of our comfortable phone booths, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also schedule a meeting room using your conference room hours available via most memberships and always available for purchase.

Can I get mail sent here? And what would my mailing address look like? 2017-05-24T06:32:20+00:00

Yes, we have an add-on service available that allows you to have a The Riveter mail address.  We are happy to arrange for outgoing package pick up and securely hold your incoming packages for $25/month.  Your mailing address will be your company name and The Riveter address.



What are pop-up fitness classes? 2017-03-13T22:48:49+00:00

We believe strongly in the power of movement. We want our members to enjoy our classes and know that variety is the spice of life. That is why we partner with fitness brands and temporarily host them at our space to give you every opportunity to try different ways of moving your body. You have to find what works for you because what feels good is different for everyone. And in the end it is all about how it makes you feel.

Can I take class if I’m pregnant? 2017-03-29T16:01:32+00:00

Congratulations! We love when expecting mothers join our class, but please consult your physician beforehand.

I bike to work. Do you have bike storage? 2017-03-08T18:39:28+00:00

Yes! We are committed to an active lifestyle and have included bike storage in all of our locations. Check with the staff to see where you can keep your bike while you work!

Do you have a meditation room? 2017-04-07T06:48:31+00:00

Yes! We have a peaceful meditation room and we encourage you to visit any time. Private Workspace and Dedicated Desk members have 24/7 access to the space, while other members can visit during open hours. Please leave your phones at your desk or in a locker.

When do I have to cancel to avoid a penalty? 2017-03-08T18:39:42+00:00

You must cancel by 6:00 pm the day before the scheduled class to avoid a penalty. If you cancel after 6:00 pm, you will forfeit one credit, or if you hold a monthly membership, you will be charged a $15 fee. You can cancel on our Member Site.

How can I sign up for a yoga class? 2017-03-26T05:59:32+00:00

You can sign up on the Members site

Can I use my yoga credits for the pop-up fitness classes? 2017-04-07T06:46:52+00:00

No. Pop-up fitness classes need to be purchased separately, but monthly members (Private Workspace, Dedicated Desk, and Floating Desk) will be given the first opportunity to attend.

How much do yoga classes cost? 2017-04-07T06:45:50+00:00

Monthly members (Private Workspace, Dedicated Desk, and Floating Desk) receive 20 credits per month and each yoga class “costs” one credit. Credits do not roll over month to month. Additional yoga classes — or all classes for non-monthly members — cost $20/credit. You can purchase credits on our Member site or at the front desk.

When are your yoga classes? 2017-04-07T06:42:24+00:00

We offer three yoga classes each workday: 7am, 12pm and 5pm. You can book on our Members site. All monthly memberships (Dedicated Desk, Floating Desk, and Private Workspaces) include one complimentary yoga class every workday. The midday yoga class is reserved for members only. The morning and evening classes are open. Complementary mats and towels are provided.

I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. Can you help? 2017-03-27T04:48:43+00:00

Of course! The Riveter features a full-service coffee bar, tea, fruit water and healthy snacks from local providers. A wide variety of other healthy snack items are available for purchase.

What are your wellness offerings? 2017-03-08T18:40:36+00:00

So glad you asked! The Riveter makes it easy for our members to integrate wellness into their workday. We encourage you to take a break in the meditation room, take a yoga class, or set an appointment with one of our holistic practitioners (masseuse, acupuncturist) during the work day. We believe that wellness is an essential part of success and want to make it as accessible as possible.

Payments, Fees and Cancellation

Are any late fees associated with late membership payments? 2018-02-05T10:01:12+00:00

A 10% late fee will be invoiced if payment has not been received by the 10th of the month.

What do I need to do to cancel my membership and move out? 2017-04-07T06:40:50+00:00

Members with Private Workspaces or Dedicated Desks are required to give one-calendar month notice to move out or transfer offices. Move out forms must be submitted by the last business day of the month prior to vacating. For example, if a member wants to move out on May 31st, they must give notice to The Riveter by April 30th.

Floating Desks and Community Memberships can be cancelled at any time online on the Member site, but please note that cancellations take effect on the last day of the current month. There are no prorated refunds issued for cancellations prior to the end of the month.

Is there a setup fee required to secure a Private Workspace or Dedicated Desk? 2017-04-07T06:34:31+00:00

Yes, there is a $100 registration fee per desk in order to secure a Private Workspace for your team or a Dedicated Desk.

Guests and Non-Members

How do I register my guests? 2017-04-07T06:27:01+00:00

To register guests, please log on to the Member Site or let us know at the front desk.

If I’m a member, can I still meet my guests, clients or collaborators in The Riveter if they aren’t members? 2017-04-07T06:26:06+00:00

We are happy to welcome guests into the community. Members may have up to two registered guests in for a meeting for up to two hours in any of the communal spaces. For larger meetings in conference rooms, you may register as many guests as allotted for the particular conference room. After the two hours or the end of the conference room reservation, or when guests are at The Riveter to cowork, they must sign in and purchase a day pass, available from the front desk.

Additional Questions

Are there public transportation options nearby? 2017-03-29T01:18:47+00:00

Download the One Bus Away app to make finding your public transit routes super easy.

Light Rail
The Riveter is 5 blocks away from the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station – about an 8 minute walk – so light rail is a great option for visiting our space.

Street Car
The First Hill Street Car line will take you from Pioneer Square to Broadway, just three blocks from The Riveter.

Several Metro buses (2, 10, 11, 12, 49 etc) pass through the neighborhood. Check King County Metro for more ride information.

Where can I park for the full day? 2017-03-29T16:00:51+00:00

All day parking options vary greatly.  We highly recommend downloading an app to help you find the best all day parking in realtime. Here are some apps that will help you locate a garage or surface lot nearby:


There are several nearby paid garages or parking lots available for use. Here are a few of the cheapest early bird options we’ve found:

The Greek Church (about 40 spots)
1804 13th Ave
Early Bird before 9:30am is $7/Day plus tax

Pike St. Surface Lot (about 15 spots)
Between 13th and 14th Ave; Next to 1316 E Pike St
$4 per hour, $15 per day
Before 9:30am is $8/day

14th & Olive Surface Lot (about 10 spots)
NW Corner
Before 9:30am is $5/day plus tax


What are the options for street parking nearby? 2017-03-29T01:14:48+00:00

Parking is definitely at a premium in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. However, in the four square blocks surrounding The Riveter it is possible to find a large variety of parking options.

2 hour Paid On-Street Parking (Mon-Sat)
Directly in front of The Riveter and in the immediate surrounding blocks there is plenty of on street paid parking available.
Costs fluctuate throughout the day:
8am-11am is $2 per hour
11am-5pm is $2.50 per hour
5pm – 8pm is $3.50 per hour

4 hour Paid On-Street Parking (Mon-Sat)
Along the East Side of Cal Anderson Park on 11th Avenue there are 4 hour paid parking spots.
Costs fluctuate throughout the day:
8am-11am is $2 per hour
11am-5pm is $2.50 per hour
5pm – 8pm is $3.50 per hour

Free 2 hour On-Street Parking
Northeast of The Riveter between Pine and Denny and 12th and 15th Avenues there is free 2 hour on-street parking.

Download the Pay By Phone app ahead of time and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

Check out SDOT’s Seattle Parking Map for a bird’s eye view.

I don’t live in Seattle. Are you opening The Riveter in my city? 2017-04-07T06:53:00+00:00

We are expanding and hope to be in your city soon! We are working to open a second location in Seattle in 2017. Next year, we start our expansion into other states throughout the West Coast. If you’d like to stay up to date on our plans to build a big, incredible community of awesome women doing awesome things, sign up for our newsletter

Are only women welcome at the Riveter? 2017-03-27T21:21:25+00:00

The Riveter welcomes everyone, regardless of gender identity. We strongly believe that we all win when we all work together to change the dynamic.

I’d like to teach a class or give a talk at The Riveter. Who should I talk to? 2017-03-26T05:56:56+00:00

Awesome! We’d love to hear about your passions and experience and advice. Grab a staff member and tell us your story. Or send us a note at and share your idea.