The Riveter Presents
Write-In with Tessa Hawkins

The Riveter: Fremont
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Riveter Write-In Group 

We are all trying to write something, and often not getting around to it. Though you may not think it, writing alongside others is motivating and results in progress on any writing goal. Writing Riveters is a two-hour drop-in session, where you can join in with writing sprints, follow the writing prompts, or just be in the room working on your own project at your own pace. The only requisite is that you write! Whether it is creative writing, content for your blog, copy for your website, journaling, or that 100 word bio that you’ve been meaning to do for two weeks but just can’t seem to get to. 

Come sit in (relative) silence and (total) support with other Riveters to get those words flowing. 

About Me: I have participated in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) four times, won it once, and run two ongoing write-in groups for two of those years. I have had numerous blogs and I am constantly rewriting copy on my website. In short, I have a lot of experience in pushing through writing block with low motivation and no guarantee of success. Let me help you!

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