The Riveter Presents
Set Yourself Up for Sustainable Success in 2020 Workshop with the Founder of Bossed Up, Emilie Aries

The Riveter: Denver
2734 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205
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Set Yourself Up for Sustainable Success in 2020

In this interactive training, Bossed Up Founder & CEO Emilie Aries will help you get ready to pursue your biggest ambitions in the year ahead. 

She'll present research-backed strategies for managing multiple long-term goals with less stress, and you'll leave with an actionable plan to get things done and embrace adventure along the way.

She'll review: 

  • How to capitalize on the fresh start effect 
  • How to overcome the middle dip in motivation 
  • And how to get past guilt when you slip up 

You'll leave with a plan to make your biggest ambitions a reality as we gear up for 2020.  

Copies of Emilie's brand-new book, Bossed Up: a Grown Woman's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together, will be available for sale, along with her fan-favorite planners, the Bossed Up LifeTracker Planner, too!

About Emilie 

Emilie Aries is a speaker, podcast host, author, and Founder & CEO of Bossed Up, an award-winning training company where she helps women craft happy, healthy, and sustainable career paths. In her TED talk, “The Power of No,” Emilie shares how to set healthy boundaries and invest in your sustainable success. Her forthcoming book, Bossed Up: A Grown Woman's Guide To Crafting A Kickass Career & Life, will be released next year by Public Affairs Books, and serve as a practical, tactical roadmap for women who want to write their own come-up story, on their own terms. In the meantime, boss up your earbuds with Emilie's twice-a-week podcast, where Emilie and her expert guests break down listener career conundrums and offer up boss tips to help you beat burnout and craft a sustainable career path.

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