The Riveter Presents
Who’s in Your Network?: Breaking Bias to Build Community
The Riveter: West LA
2236 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Join The Riveter and Say Space for an amazing event in which we will uncover our unconscious beliefs/biases as well as shift our mindset and practice successful communication.

Women in business are inherently more collaborative, and yet we still have work to do to expand those circles of collaboration. When it comes to race, sexual orientation, physical ability, gender identity, socioeconomic status, too often our circles of support can be biased towards those that are similar to us, at the detriment of truly coming together. Our personal professional development is strongest when we address our collective professional development.

What will happen in this workshop? 

  •  Explore the challenges we face that are similar, understand how they are different, and explore how we can come together stronger to help all of us succeed. 
  •  Explore how our bias has impacted the circles of trust and collaboration around us: who we help and who helps us and create new opportunities to expand these circles to the benefit of all. 
  •  Break down unconscious beliefs that has prevented us from living in our true values and capacity. 
  • Shift from the competitive, "getting ahead" mindset to seeing how supporting everyone around us helps us too. 
  •  Practice communicating across different perspectives to get to a shared commitment in even the most difficult conversations. 
  •  Develop strategies to expand our circles and our community to be inclusively impactful.

Say Space is a consultancy that increases profitability, teamwork, creativity and effectiveness through intentionally and systematically creating inclusive and diverse company cultures.   

Co-founded by Bianca Wilson and Emily Race: 

Both experienced coaches and facilitators committed to creating environments where all perspectives can be heard and valued. Leveraging their lived experiences and professional training, they focus on mindfully facilitating conversations that deeply shift our personal narratives and how we communicate with ourselves and others.

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