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What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Website

The Riveter: Capitol Hill
1517 12th Avenue Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98122
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Birthing a website is a labor of love. In this seminar we’ll share how best to find and partner with web agencies and what to expect when working with them. In this seminar, you'll get a concrete idea of the web design/development process, your role in that process and how to complete the project with expectations met and a creative partner in tact.

With Halbe Dougherty-Wood

Halbe Dougherty-Wood is Partner, Client Services at New Theory, an award winning, Seattle-based Creative Web Agency. Halbe has 13 years experience in relationship building and fundraising and values relationships over all. In her role at New Theory, Halbe uses this experience in relationship building to lead client acquisition, experience, and agency operations. She views every relationship as an opportunity to create a collaborative, productive and fun experience. In her spare time, Halbe trail runs, explores the food and wine scene and road trips with her husband and two kids. 


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