The Riveter Presents
Wellness Wednesday: Science of Self-Care for Go-Getters
The Riveter: Austin
1145 W 5th St
Austin, TX 78703

Join us for a Wellness Wednesday session lead by Gloria Chan!

We pull the trendiness out of self-care to explore the true applicability and importance to fast-paced professionals. This workshop discusses the biological wiring of how our brains perceive need, focusing on the science-based criticality of self-care especially for high-stress workers – then teaches applicable methods of incorporating self-care into fast-paced lives.

Gloria Chan, Founder of Recalibrate 

 About Recalibrate: 

 Recalibrate provides modern mindfulness and mental wellness services to go-getters across Texas. Our uniquely science-based and realistic approach focuses on empowering high-achieving minds to take better care of themselves while destigmatizing the conversation around mental wellness. 

 About Gloria: 

 Gloria Chan is the founder and owner of Recalibrate. After an unexpected medical battle amidst a decade-long career as a leader in Fortune 500 management consulting, Gloria opened Recalibrate to provide a more modern and science-based approach to mental wellness for go-getters living fast-paced lives. Since its opening in late 2018, Recalibrate has worked with dozens of companies across all industries and sizes and hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds. Gloria's education includes Coherence Therapy training with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, a 160-hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification from The Mindfulness Center in Washington, D.C., Executive Education in Corporate Strategy from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s in Finance and Business Honors from the University of Texas at Austin.

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