The Riveter Presents
The Riveter at The Bar Method - Member Field Trip!

The Riveter: Minneapolis
4388 France Ave S.
Edina, MN 55410
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Join The Bar Method for a free workout class exclusively for Riveter members! The Riveter will be hosting a healthy happy hour beginning at 5 pm before we drive out to The Bar Method (7509 France Avenue South, Centennial Lakes Plaza Edina, MN 55435) for a 6:30 pm Bar class.

Feel free to invite your friends to this event!

What is The Bar Method?
Every Bar Method class starts with a warm-up, upper-body exercises and push-ups in the middle of the room, followed by a sequence of leg and seat work at the barre and core exercises on the floor. Students are continually challenged with endless variations of each exercise timed to the beat of the music. Students of all levels work within their individual limits while receiving encouragement to continually push forward.

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