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The Power of You: Equity At Work

Past Online Event


August 11, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am (PDT)

This event already took place. We invite you to watch the recording.

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August 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am PDT

In this time of a racial pandemic, you may be wondering what you can actually do to advance equity in the workplace. The short answer– alot and we have just the session to show you just how much! The truth is, even the most diverse workplaces have an opportunity to reimagine what equity for all looks and feels like and it’s rooted in systems and policies!

While it takes all of us doing our part to bring about lasting change, the solutions we each offer are unique for the roles we occupy and the social capital we possess. Let us help you uncover your power and use it for good!

This session will…

1. Explore important language and behaviors that center equity in the workplace (and at home).

2. Expose data-based inequitable experiences for black and brown people in the workplace.

3. Help you assess your workplace to determine where it in on the scale of equity in its practices/policies.

4. Give you the tools to tactfully challenge where equity doesn’t exist, no matter what your position is.

Join us for a candid conversation between two organizational gurus about all things equity advocacy and maintaining your stamina in a long and worthy cause.

Catherine Wheeler

Catherine Wheeler is a change management expert and organization fixer, think Olivia Pope minus the scandals. She’s spent over a decade coaching top leaders of Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations through significant transformations, including a $19.5B acquisition; challenging and equipping them to successfully navigate the terrains of people systems and organizational design for mission-driven impact.

What she has discovered in over a decade of research and coaching is that the narratives we believe are core to the experiences and outcomes we create for ourselves, those around us and the organizations we serve and lead. For leaders, leadership is the story people believe about you. For organizations, culture is the story people experience.

A teacher at heart she ignites and expands the curiosity and creativity of captive audiences globally during keynote addresses, conferences, podcasts and webinars.

When she’s not transforming leaders and organizations you can find her cuddled in blankets with her husband and daughter, scrolling Pinterest for five-ingredient recipes.

Bemnet Meshesha

Bemnet is currently the Director of Community Affairs at State Fair of Texas, the largest fair in the country where she oversees programming and philanthropy for populations in need. Bemnet builds capacity for non-profits through trainings, manages large-scale projects and events and distributes funds through grants and sponsorships. She’s worked extensively in both micro and macro settings with complex and nuanced realities that have deepened her understanding of transformational change.

She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in Management and Spanish from DBU and her Master’s in Social Work from UTA.Her work centers social justice causes around race, access for upward mobility and criminal justice reform. Her thesis work explored Black immigrant’s perspectives on such topics and has been presented at national conferences and in and can be found in publications like the British Journal of Social Work.

As outgoing President, Bemnet has led the the Dallas Fort-Worth Urban League Young Professionals, a civil rights organization training its members for leadership opportunities through service.

Bemnet also serves on the advisory board of Miles of Freedom, an organization committed to criminal justice reform and serving re-entry populations. She is a founding member of Heritage Giving Circle, the first giving circle in Dallas dedicated to cultivating philanthropy among Black women.

Bemnet graduated from the Dana Juett Residency and is a Partner at Social Venture Partners, an international organization focused on philanthropy, strengthening non-profits and investing in innovative solutions.

A Dallas local, although originally from Ethiopia, Bemnet is passionate about community development globally that is both equitable and sustainable.