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Agreement vs Expectation or Art and Science of Setting Boundaries

The Riveter: Capitol Hill
1517 12th Avenue Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98122
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"Walls keep everyone out, boundaries allow the right ones in." 

Do you sometimes agree to something because you don't know how to say no? Or maybe it didn’t even occur to you as an option? Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed with your long to-do lists and commitments? 

Come and learn:
-Where your boundaries are right now
-How your current boundaries work for you
-Three action steps for setting clear boundaries

You will have a chance to explore the areas of your life where you would benefit from stronger boundaries. We will connect, discuss and make a plan forward to strengthen the boundaries and communicate them. A vast part of interpersonal communication relates to setting boundaries. Clear boundaries can be an expression of kindness and love and can bring clarity and lightness to your life.

About Aga Lawrynowicz – the founder of Choose Clarity. She’s a personal coach on a mission to empower women and mothers. A former explosives queen — she spent over ten 10 working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry — now Aga is a mother of two, step-mother of two, and a huge fan of mindfulness.


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