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The Anti-Routine Lifestyle: Ultimate Wellness without Restriction

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Have you ever tried to start a diet, workout program, or “life changing“ system and then felt an overwhelming sense of guilt when you couldn’t follow through? Or, do you ever feel like you’re continually starting over with your health and wellness goals without ever gaining traction?

Whether it’s a certain morning routine for success, or a goal to get bikini ready, the world today has gone a little “routine” happy, but what if that routine doesn’t fit with your busy and unpredictable lifestyle?

Learning the foundational elements to creating an Anti-Routine Lifestyle will help you let go of the guilt of not sticking to a redundant routine amidst a busy week, sick kids, or unexpected life events, while still successfully reaching your goals. 

By the end of this workshop, you will know exactly how to reach your health, wellness, and life goals without restrictive routines or guilt-inducing programs. You’ll know how to set yourself up for success to reach your goals and maintain them without ever having to buy a one-size-fits-all program or system ever again! 

Each attendee will receive a workbook to continue their anti-routine lifestyle after the workshop.


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