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Tech in Cannabis Marketing

The Riveter: Marina del Rey
4505 Glencoe Ave
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
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We will talk about promoting cannabis before and after legalization and how can technology be leveraged to differentiate cannabis brands. 

About this Event:

Why are we planning a cannabis marketing event?

Promoting cannabis products is highly regulated and many cannabis brands and dispensaries are trying to figure out the best way to reach cannabis consumers. This event brings together forward-thinking leaders from Media, Tech and Cannabis industry to share their experiences and talk about the most effective way to promote cannabis products and speculate on the role of technology in industry marketing trajectories.

Who are we? 

ICVR is a forward-thinking company that develops VR/AR, interactive mobile apps and mobile games. Our applications have proven success in entertainment, gaming and healthcare industries. We offer personalized hands-on attention to innovative brands looking for ways to disrupt traditional marketing.


Madeline Donegan - Global Brand Manager & Executive Director of Weedmaps Museum of Weed 

Tobias Rich - President of Elite California 

Madison Fiore - Director of Growth at Hawke Media 

Emily O’Brien - Founder and CEO of MONDO 

Joshua Otten - CEO of RONIN / Founder of PRØHBTD 


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