The Riveter Presents
RIVETER VOICES: "You're a Genius" Improv Workshop with Bridget Quigg

The Riveter: Fremont
1300 N Northlake Way Suite #200
Seattle, WA 98103
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Enhance your speaking skills and tap into your own infinite well of creativity with this improv workshop led by Bridget Quigg. 

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You are a creative genius. You are! You have an infinite well of creativity inside of you that is ready to guide you in every moment. And, so does everyone else. How do you empower yourself, and those around you, to harness that creative genius for better decisions, greater productivity, faster connections, and more fun?

Join Seattle comedian and tech startup veteran Bridget Quigg for a session based on improv, play, and neuropsychology. Top-rated by Microsoft, Bridget’s lessons on speaking up, listening, and making others look good take the best of the stage and bring it all to you. This is not performance, it’s group play with a purpose. Do something different with your brain, and bring back fresh ideas for your team!

In this workshop, you'll learn to:

  • Build trust more easily
  • Connect with others quickly
  • Trust your instincts and ideas
  • Make better decisions for yourself
  • Listen better
  • Bring play and fun into (almost) any situation

RIVETER VOICES is our regular program dedicated to partnering with organizations & individuals to host events that support working women and their allies across business, parenthood and advocacy.

BRIDGET QUIGG is a Seattle-based comedian and applied improv trainer. She spent the majority of her career as a content marketer for Seattle tech companies, most recently as the Marketing Director for the Data & Insights Division of Tyler Technologies. Bridget has produced five one-woman shows – including Oh, Seattle! and Techlandia - and she's written more than 100 songs for various occasions, shows, and bands. Her comedic style has been described as “Seinfeld-esque without the crabbiness.” She has hosted and performed at events for Geekwire, Microsoft, Convoy, Outreach, Facebook, The Washington Technology Association, Bumbershoot, YMCA, ADDY awards, ChickTech, PAWS, and more. Her work has appeared several times on NPR and in The Seattle Times and The San Francisco Chronicle. Bridget is a graduate of Stanford University.


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