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RIVETER VOICES: You Don't Need Confidence to Make a Career Move

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Deciding whether to stay or leave your current job? Join The Riveter for a night of expert advice from Job Search Strategist, Lynn Juve!

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About this event: 

Many people get stuck in the "should I stay or should I go" limbo whether to leave their jobs. Maybe you fantasize about looking for a new role, but you aren’t sure if it’s going to be better anywhere else. Or if you know you want to look for a new role, the task feels daunting because you aren’t feeling valued and your confidence is down. 

48% of all women feel unappreciated at work (1). In 42% of organizations, high performers are actually less engaged than low performers (2). You might feel disconnected because you are in a toxic work environment, you don’t feel valued or your values just don’t align with your work. This is incredibly common, but it often can feel like you can’t talk about it because you don’t want to cause drama or be seen as someone who is not a team player.

Join our workshop with Lynn Juve, Job Search Strategist & Founder of Bespoke Professional! Together we’ll spotlight how to navigate if staying or leaving is best for your career and how to explore for new opportunities.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Prepare yourself to get a new role (whether or not you are ready now) 
  • Leverage your current network to explore new opportunities
  • Market yourself on LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Find opportunities that align with your values 

RIVETER VOICES is our regular program dedicated to partnering with organizations and experts to bring events that support working women and their allies across business, parenthood and advocacy.

About Lynn Juve:
Lynn Juve, Founder of Bespoke Professional, helps job seekers land their next growth role at a market value salary. Lynn made a career pivot in 2014, from being a high school teacher to a learning and development career in tech. After building a new team and spending the majority of her time hiring, she became frustrated with the hiring process and the barriers it created to diversity, gender equality, and pay equity. She is known for giving actionable next steps and explaining the reason why behind any action item.

(1): American Psychological Association study
(2): Quote and stat from 2018 Forbes article by Mark Murphy. Study conducted by Mark Murphy. 

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