The Riveter Presents
Parenthood Unplugged: Slow Down to Speed Up

The Riveter: Marina del Rey
4505 Glencoe Ave
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
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Slow down to Speed Up 

About this Event 

Join this month’s Parenthood Unplugged gathering focused on finding the 5 shifts you can make now to change your morning routine and thus finally get the work/life balance you crave.

We won't become better partners, parents, friends, leaders, business owners or change agents until we stop pretending we’re all indestructible superheroes that don’t need space to be and become. So what if we can create some space in the morning to do just that? We all know how it feels to wake up in a disarray, maybe eat, handle kids (or pets!) and if you're feeling spunky maybe you give yourself a few minutes to get your mind right. For most, mornings are a cluster f@%k.

In our tech induced and fast pace world we can't help but pour into social media, our family, projects, and clients long before we give ourselves a moment to breathe and make sure we're good--you know to operate and function as better humans in this world.    

All of this chaos leave us frazzled, tired, and unraveled at the seams before 9 AM--and that's no way to thrive! 

We’ll come together with other parents to share in the experience of raising humans while working. With lite bites and coffee, come start your day on the right note. 

Thank you to La Colombe coffee and Ellenos Greek Yogurt for being our incredible sponsors! 

Raffle Prizes include: Free admission to The Morning Shift digital course & three tickets to The Women Empower X Event 2020


PARENTHOOD UNPLUGGED is our monthly gathering of humans raising humans! It’s our goal to provide you a space to interact with other parents and share in the mutual joys and challenges of raising kids. Each event highlights a fellow parent who leads the networking, focused on a key question as it relates to support working women and their allies across business, parenthood and advocacy. 


Join Keynote Speaker, Clarity Strategist, and Founder of The Morning Shift Co.,Tiffany Lanier for a helpful workshop to help to help you have more of the work/life balance you crave  

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