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In what ways can immersive tech bring innovation and deliver ROI to businesses and their communities beyond just a “wow” factor? How do you use augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality to solve real business challenges and impact the bottom line? AR/VR/MR is changing the landscape in education, training, data analytics, and more. These technologies are creating powerful results for organizations across industries, from small businesses to large enterprise and aerospace and defense.  

Join us on August 14 for an event focused on the transformative power of immersive technologies for businesses and organizations. Through a set of mini-TED talks, product demonstrations, and a panel discussion, diverse game-changers in data analytics in WebXR, mobile AR, immersive entertainment, and organizational transformation will share their perspectives and best-practices. Our powerhouse panel of leaders are shaking up the industry and changing the narrative from gaming or just cool demo to a user-centered, value-driven and positive change mindset for XR products. 

Speakers featured will be: 

  • Wallon Wallyusi - CEO 3Data - Web XR and 3D visual analytics 
  • Chen Zhang - COO, Part Time Evil - Training and education with XR and new XR creator tools
  • Doug Donovan - CEO, Interplay Learning
  • Katherine Bell - Co-Founder of Kinetic Dreams Product Manager, Double A Labs 
  • Autumn Taylor - Marketing Director and Protector of the Brand™, Owlchemy Labs 
  •  Kate Peiler - Founder & CEO of disruptED

Come test Demos and Products: 

  • Aquifer Motion, Interactive film, and more! 

Our powerhouse of speakers will discuss their approaches to innovative and practical use cases for XR, creating a forward-thinking culture, and sharing their perspectives on the following questions: 

  • How are businesses using AR/VR/MR to deliver real value to their customers and the XR community?
  • How do you measure ROI and efficacy for immersive experiences? 
  • What does the current research say? 
  • How do you design for interaction and engagement in AR & VR? 
  • What teams, capabilities, and knowledge centers are required to deliver an XR solution? 
  • How do you champion for an XR solution at your organization? 
  • How will XR evolve in the next 1-3 years? 

This event is open to everyone in the community. 

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