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Join us for 30 minutes every other week for a judgement free, casual conversation around money. Each week we will be prepared with a topic and freebies or resources, but we are also happy to throw out the agenda and talk about whatever is on your mind. Our first topic: How to approach the holidays without going broke. 

About the facilitator: I'm Jen Sapel and I've been a Financial Advisor for 15 years. I got into the profession because money was a stressful subject in my household. To avoid the stress my family felt, I decided to learn everything I could about it. That didn't mean I avoided all the big money mistakes that are possible. But avoidance isn't the game either. I'm on a mission to take the taboo out of money and arm people with simple strategies that not only work, but can help you live the life you enjoy. This is why we named our firm Utor, which is Latin for enjoy.


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