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Let's Talk: The State of Immigration in Texas
Let's Talk: The State of Immigration in Texas
The Riveter: Dallas
3333 Wellborn St
Dallas, TX 75219

As new reports emerge about the conditions for children in immigrant detention centers, The Riveter will use its platform to raise awareness and organize support for families seeking asylum at the border. 

The Riveter Stands with Immigrant Children and Families, in doing so we're leading an evening of conversation around how we can best support immigrants in Dallas. Join us as we hear from Jessica Vittorio about her recent experience litigating cases at the border. 

About the Speaker: 

 Jessica Vittorio is the Managing Attorney of The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio. Her practice is based in Dallas, TX and focuses on providing startups and small business owners with the insight and experience they need to properly grow their business. Jessica is active in the startup and entrepreneurial community throughout Texas, and regularly helps to advise companies on a wide variety of issues. In addition to her regular work, as a member of the Pro Bono Bar College, Jessica diligently incorporates pro bono service into the heart of her practice. She is firm believer in the important role attorneys play in providing access to representation and information for populations in our communities which may not otherwise have a voice. Throughout her practice, Jessica has served with teams providing pro bono advice to veterans, homeless populations, natural disaster victims, religious organizations, mental health charities, and immigrants. Most recently, Jessica served on a delegation that provided counsel to detained immigrants in South Texas. Following the eye-opening experience, she worked with various media outlets to write pieces addressing the systemic legal challenges occurring on the border, and continues to be an advocate for structural changes that can serve to alleviate these issues.

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In 2018, we opened The Riveter’s doors to any individual or organization working on family reunification and human rights at the U.S.-Mexico border. A year has passed and OUR DOORS ARE STILL OPEN in all our locations, including Dallas and Austin. For those of you fighting for these families: Our space is your space. Our resources are your resources. The Riveter commits to providing co-working and meeting space for anyone organizing efforts around family reunification and the ongoing border crisis, until every last child is out of detention. 

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