The Riveter Presents
Healthy Party Platters and Wine Tasting with Anna Klimmek of Happy Food MN

The Riveter: Minneapolis
4388 France Ave S.
Edina, MN 55410
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Anna from Happy Food MN wants to meet you live and in person - and what better way than to entice you with food! Anna will kick off the evening by showing you how to make your party platter just a little bit easier, a little more fun and even a tad healthier. She’ll teach you how to use cheats from the deli and a few arty techniques to make an Instagram-worthy charcuterie style platter, all the while fueling your body so you can continue to PARTY! After the demo, WE. WILL. PARTY! You’ll have a chance to taste the party platters, sip some tastings of wine and meet new people!

Happy Food has partnered with Riveter and France 44 for a very rare public appearance...and for half of the regular price! Why? Because I want to meet you IRL! And I want to give you a chance to you to see what I do, and the best way is to SHOW you live and in person. So please join me at the beautiful Riveter, eat some nibbles, sip some vino and hang out!

Anna Klimmek is a health coach and personal chef who teaches people to eat for their body in a way that works for their life. As a Le Cordon Bleu grad, she has over 15 years of culinary experience. Her education as a Health Coach with advanced study in Hormonal and Gut Health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition guide how she cooks and approaches food and gives her a unique perspective on the relationship between cooking, food, health and life.

Anna’s mission is to empower people to live their best lives in the body that they are in. Happy Food MN offers programs that create self-empowerment, not only with food but with life choices. She is a personal chef and cooks for people with autoimmune disorders and food sensitivities. She does one-on-one health coaching, cooking classes and Healthy Living and Eating Workshops that teach you, “it doesn’t have to be hard to live healthy.” My superpower is that I make healthy living, tasty fun and easy!

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