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Freaking Out About Your 401k? What To Do And How To Stay Calm

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Are you freaking out about your 401k? Worried about your investments? Concerned about your money plan? Let's talk about it. Amanda Holden, an investing expert, will cover both how to prepare for an economic downturn and best practices for handling a stock market crash. Here's what she'll cover: 

  • What you can do during turbulent economic times 
  • What causes stock market volatility 
  • How to protect yourself in the market 
  • Best practices for stock market investing 

There will be time for Q&A. 

Bio: Amanda Holden is an award-winning money writer, speaker, and educator. Through her business, Invested Development, she educates women about investing and other money topics — because Amanda believes that the world needs more women with financial power. Over the last three years, Amanda has taught thousands of young women to invest, using a unique and effective mix of stand-up comedy and relatability to inspire real action with her students. Amanda also writes a women + money blog called The Dumpster Dog Blog and provides free investing education on Instagram (along with the occasional #TRASHION outfit).

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