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POSTPONED Founded By: Andrea Malone - Finding Joy In Your Hallway

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In response to COVID-19, all in-person Riveter events are cancelled until further notice. We are still hosting online events and you can attend by creating an account here.

This month’s Founded By gathering is focused on "Finding Joy In Your Hallway" with Red Plum founder Andrea Malone. Join other founders to share in the experience of running a company and all that goes with it. 

Andrea says, "There's a saying, "If God hasn't opened the door yet, praise him in the hallway." Well, religious or not, not only is being 'in the hallway' something to be happy about, it's something to value. You have value no matter where you are in your journey."

In response to COVID-19, all in-person Riveter events are cancelled until further notice

We are so fixated on our destination and the destination or others, that it sometimes feels like our journey - our time in the hallway - isn't worthy of giving, much less receiving, praise. I'm here to encourage you, to uplift you, and to reassure you that your journey is beautiful and matters and needs to happen. Let's talk about ways to learn from and work our journey while finding joy along the way.

About Founded By: 

Founded By is our monthly gathering business founders! It’s our goal to provide you a space to interact with other founders to share in the mutual joys and challenges of running a company. Each event highlights a fellow founder who leads the networking, focused on a key question as it relates to support working women and their allies across business, parenthood and advocacy.

 About Andrea Malone: 

For more than 10 years Andrea has been connecting brands with marketing solutions in meaningful ways by focusing on what’s important - their customers. Andrea specializes in developing and communicating messaging on the brand. To do this, she helps clients lead targeted multi-channel campaigns through the heavy use of digital technologies. Her areas of achievement include increasing trade show and event attendance, website branding and design for conversions, content strategies producing and nurturing leads, SEO, email marketing, sales support, and direct mail.

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