Ethically Sell Yourself
The Riveter: Capitol Hill
1517 12th Avenue Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98122

Unblock yourself from feeling weird about "selling" who you are, what you do, and why it's worthy of massive compensation. Hosted by Sophie Dalton

Whether you want to negotiate your salary, raise your prices, or just feel more worthy in your skin, the answer is NOT to do or be more, it's to cut away at all the beliefs and patterns that tell us we're not good enough until x, y, and z happens. Come to the workshop to identify you're biggest block to selling your worth and experiencing the benefits of where you want to be. We'll do a combination of meditation, journaling, and discussion to get to the root of the matter and change your money/ selling mindset for good.


Host: Sophie Dalton, Sales Funnel Specialist & Business Coach

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