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Are you confused about recycling and composting and what to toss where? Join the club. This interactive workshop is a place to bring your questions and get answers. 

It starts with a quiz to learn what type of recycler you are. The answers to the questions illustrate best practices to improve how you handle all types of waste at work, at home, and out in the community. 

The workshop will explain how and why recycling in the US has changed in the past two years. Learn how material recovery facilities sort waste and where it goes. The system may seem broken, but it doesn’t have to be. We can all do our part to improve real recycling rates and contribute to healthy compost. Once you understand what happens to the items you toss into the recycling, composting, and landfill bins you will be able to make smarter choices. 

We can’t talk about waste without discussing strategies to reduce the amount of stuff we are placing in those bins. Leave with action items to reduce your waste footprint and save valuable resources. 


 About the presenter: Julia Goldstein, owner of JLFG Communications, is a Riveter member who writes technical marketing content for corporate websites. She is equally comfortable writing for and speaking to audiences of engineers, business executives, and the general public. Julia is the author of Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products, released in April 2019. She is writing a consumer-facing guide on waste management and reduction. She is building a list of beta readers who will get early access to the electronic version of the interactive guide and help shape its content.

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