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Come Together: Courageous Allyship Series

The Riveter: Denver
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Join The Riveter and The Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce for a three-part series uncovering the importance of allyship and identifying the ways in which courageous allyship positively affect intentional self-growth, interpersonal relationships, and contributes to overall business success. 

Through the exploration of courageous allyship, the cohort will improve their ability to advocate for womxn, create and maintain healthy friendships, develop emotionally available care taking practices, and implement allyship in leadership. 

The Riveter invites men and womxn who are committed to self-improvement by courageously exploring allyship and it’s ability to build improve the world in which they inhabit. 

About the sessions 

  • We will cover multifaceted topics revolving around allyship 
  • Interactive activity 
  • On the spot coaching & Solutions finding 
  • Q&A

Series #1 on March 4 will feature: 


COME TOGETHER is our regular program dedicated to amplifying programming for intersectional identities to explore and gather. The Riveter aims to provide a trusted & safe space for all individuals.  

About Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

Our mission is to provide women opportunities that better our community and economy, help women grow their businesses and their careers; ultimately finding success in work and in life. The chamber supports their mission and members through professional development programs, events, and providing resources to help women in business grow.


Virginia (Ginna) Santy, Ph.D., is the CEO and co-founder of Women in Kind and a researcher and thought leader in the area of women, work, and re-conceptualizing the relationship between data and design in support of women’s economic well-being. She has presented her research on women and work at conferences around the world and worked with a variety of clients to implement programs supporting women’s needs in the public and private sector. Her research on women and leadership in the workplace won her the Researcher of the Year Award—the top recognition in her field—from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication. Her most recent publication addresses issues of women and work post-Great Recession, including wage equity, access to non-traditional fields, and work-life balance. Currently, Virginia works with cities to incorporate data into design practices and build cities to support women’s economic success. Last but not least, Ginna is the mother of a warrior-hearted daughter.  

UB Ciminieri, CEO & Co-founder @ 

UB has a passion for helping #PEOPLEMATTER. He has a clear perspective of the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background define that perspective. As such, he is an advocate for people safety and happiness. He thrives in helping people overcome internal obstacles to be better humans to themselves and others. As an advocate he helps companies attract, hire and develop more inclusive and diverse talent. He speaks about the future of work and building inclusive companies. Through his work as Founder and CEO of Breaking the Bias, he strives to help people understand their own biases and build a Code of Curiosity. He is currently working with a team of DEI&B thought leaders and practitioners to open the world’s first Inclusion Lab in downtown Denver. His strategy is to build a “collective impact” team of doers in the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging space who can build, strategize and impact business and the community at large, together, and who can be a resource to DEI&B leaders and enthusiasts who have little support to make their own impact. 

Kenna Renee, Love Revolutionaire

Kenna Renee is a trailblazer of modern dating and love! Through coaching, she is called to guide women through today’s fast paced dating world while valuing every person and their unique being. No matter what, she helps people expand in love, and gets them results. 

Kenna is a firm believer, “ We can have the most brilliant and healthy relationships in history, but we have to date for the future and not from the past.” Kenna specializes in helping people create a custom fit dating life, by clearing out what society has told us about love, and going deep into the individual and the details of a partner that would compliment your life! 

Michael Acuna, Co-founder of Tribal Zephyrs

Michael Acuna is an artist that utilizes creativity to engage restorative justice, social equality and mental health through poetry, music, and creative workshop. He has partnered with The Office of the independent monitor, Youth On record and local organizations facilitating conversations around Implicit bias, ingenious, and immigrant rights as well as identity. Michael is one of three Co-founders of Tribal Zyphers a program that teaches youth the culture of hip-hop as a rite of passage. Also an artist ILL Se7en aka Acuna Black has traveled and toured internationally with legends. Michael has received several accolades for his passion to reform a broken system. In 2018 Michael received a Master Mind Award from the Denver Westword and redline art gallery. He’s also received an MBK 25 award from the My brother keeper initiative founded by President Obama in 2014. In early 2019 ILL was invited to be a Ted-X Speaker on Implicit bias and adolescent development. ILL Se7en is currently consulting and speaking on the importance to push forward the narrative of Implicit bias, utilizing art as a platform of change.

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