The Riveter Presents
Business Growth Office Hours with Sibi Murugesan
The Riveter: Minneapolis
4388 France Ave S.
Edina, MN 55410

"I work with early-stage startups and small businesses accelerate their growth. Companies have come to me with questions about increasing key metrics in their business (e.g., increase revenue, decrease cost, get more customers, etc.), launching new products or getting ready for the next level of 10x scale (10x revenue, 10x employee count, 10x customers). My main goal is for attendees to leave with a better understanding of their company along with a few resources on the local and national level to consider regarding their growth!" 

Suggested Topics:

- Pre-seed/seed-stage tech startup raising capital

- Candid assessments of the business from a venture capital perspective

- Understanding the key metrics to focus on for your business to accelerate growth (it's never revenue that you should focus on!)

- Growth "hacking" (or ways to enable your team to act like its 100 times bigger than it is in a repeatable manner) 

How it Works: 

Office hours are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Please bring any materials that help me quickly understand what your business does + goals for the future. In the past, others have brought: + Pitch decks

+ Actual products (please bring this! If you have a physical good, I'd love to see it. If it's online, I'd love to test it out)

+ Business plans

+ Marketing materials (e.g., one-pagers, flyers, pamphlets, etc.)

+ Links to the website (I'll have my computer and we can talk through it together if needed) 

Q&A: Can I bring my full team? Yes, bring your founding team! The more, the merrier!

Q&A: What's your background? Good question! Here's my website, LinkedIn & Twitter! I've helped accelerate growth for F1000s (Best Buy, Boston Scientific), startups (too small to name!) and small businesses (design firms, coffee shops). 

 I'm here to help! 



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