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Beyond Burnout
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Beyond Burnout 

How to Recover from Burnout and Create a Life of Bliss, Fulfillment and Thriving

The to-do list keeps growing... 

-By the middle of the day you've run out of energy and wonder how you're going to make it through 

-Your passion & spirit has been fading from your life 

-When you slow down, your thoughts & emotions are painful, so you grab a chocolate bar to take your mind off of the feeling 

-The fire inside of you is burning out and you're not sure how to move forward...

Deep down you know something needs to change, because you have a purpose... 

 You came to planet earth to LIVE and enjoy LIFE and you're ready to step back into alignment your life force. 

 Come to the BEYOND BURNOUT WORKSHOP where you will learn how to:  

-Balance health, work, family & romantic life 

-Identify where your burnout comes from 

-Let go of people pleasing and start saying "no" without guilt 

-Get on the pathway to juicy relationships 

-Create more intimacy 

-Turn self-awareness into the actual life changes you want to make 

-Make self-care easy

What we will cover: 

 -The 4 Elements of Wholeness that are essential to having a healthy life including healthy relationships, work & healthy body 

-How to tell what is causing the imbalance in your life 

-How you can use the 4 elements to improve your life & balance health with work & relationships 

You will also have the opportunity to book a complimentary 1 on 1 coaching discovery call.  

About Kayla Rose Yoder 

 My Shift from Burnt Out to Blissed Out

“Bliss” is what I was truly seeking as I spiraled into overwhelm, addiction and burnout. I was trying as hard as I could to bypass my… 

 -self sabotage 

 -inherited shame 

 -fear that I’d never be good enough 

Thinking if I smoked more pot, ate more sweets, got more attention from my boyfriend, took more “enlightening” drugs… perhaps I’d somehow trip my way out of the “rat race” into really having the soulful creative blissful life I wanted. The race to burnout began for me as soon as I started getting report cards because I HAD to be the best in order to get love - or so I thought. Well, the best place these habits & negative beliefs got me was to my rock bottom. It took losing a friend in a car accident, losing my job, feeling lost & alone stuck in a toxic codependent relationship to finally admit I needed to make changes and that I needed help & support from others and from Spirit. When I finally found a supportive community of women who showed me that I am an embodiment of Goddess, made Spiritual alignment my #1 priority, and learned how to access my own love I discovered my soul’s purpose, found a fountain of energy, vitality & creativity and really began to feel fulfilled, happy, joyous & free on a daily basis. You too can put burnout behind you and create a life of bliss & fulfillment. Anything is possible with willingness & support. Now I use my training in Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Family Constellations, Buddhist Meditation and more to guide women past burnout and into reclaiming their feminine essence for a life of sensuality, well-being, purpose, productivity and fulfillment. I'm a stand for women to HAVE IT ALL! learn more about me here (and download a free living fulfilled meditation audio): 

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