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Austin Fashion Initiative: Sustainability & Innovation
The Riveter: Austin
1145 W 5th St
Austin, TX 78703

Join us for Austin Fashion Initiative's (AFI) monthly meetup! 

We'll be featuring a panel for an in-conversation discussion on sustainability and innovation. Sustainability is no longer a unique selling proposition, and many brands are incorporating sustainable practices as the status quo in their business models. Efforts to create a more sustainable supply chain are not the central, differentiating element to a brand story, but simply an underlying core value. This panel discussion will feature an in-depth conversation on building a sustainable value chain, and an inside look at Austin-based brands making an effort to positively impact the production of apparel and fashion products. We're pleased to welcome Classic Childhood, Stitch Texas, SixChel and Miranda Bennett for an in-conversation discussion on building brands through sustainable practices.

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