An Exploration of Responsible Travel
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An exploration of Responsible Travel bringing awareness to the culture behind the narrative the wider world holds. The story we tell ourselves can be a powerful tool, but it can also distort reality and nowhere is it more apparent than where we “stand” in the world. Politics, culture, history, and religion all distort what we see until we experience the culture firsthand. History and culture from Russia, Norway, and Poland all shine light on narratives we won’t know traditionally, only through exposure with travel.

About Kenneth:

Kenneth Rayman, Writer/Speaker/Traveler, has always looked at the background to understand what is in front of him. It has led him to form unusual, for the time, opinions on certain topics that, on the surface, seem “black or white.” A lifelong writer and historian, his purpose in life was revealed taking what he thought would be a one-off trip, which removed the barrier of the television screen between him and his ultimate “background story” of Russia. With Russia “made real” to him he wants to see what else the world has to say that is hidden by convention, convenience, and ignorance and give a voice to our shared humanity. He has visited 6 countries in the last two years to create a new narrative of each.



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