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A Very Merry Screening

The Riveter: Dallas
3333 Wellborn St
Dallas, TX 75219
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Afterglow Gallery, Axiom Music, and People’s Revolt presents: A VERY MERRY SCREENING OF HERE’S NOT HERE 2

Following the release of “Here’s not here” in 2018, Afterglow Gallery brings us part 2. Drinks and bites will be served as part of this merry-screening-holiday party as we celebrate the release and think of all the “right now”s of 2019!

"Here’s not here" is a representation of how there is no present, it is always past. Think about it- when is “right now” As soon as you say it, that moment is gone and all we have of that moment is a memory. In that sense, we are always living in the past: experiences forming memories and shaping our actions. That said, the past is mutable, forever subjected to interpretation- not only by us, but by those whose telling of the past we filter through our own minds. It’s the filtering, not unlike the “telephone game” at parties, where one person says something and it is repeated around a circle of people, turning into something similar, but skewed at the end.

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