2019 Year End Refection Ritual:Take a power pause to complete the year feeling powerful, peaceful and proud.

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Many women feel like they aren’t doing enough, they are always behind, there is never enough time, and like they’ll never have the space to get to what matters most. Why? Because we suffer from “Achievers Amnesia.” Over the course of a year, in which we give so much to so many people and projects and do so much to manage the daily demands while also striving for our dreams, we forget how much we actually accomplish. If at the end of the year, you just keep moving full steam ahead or just stay focused on trying to juggle your daily life, you’ll get swept up into the holiday frenzy, and find yourself standing in the new year, already feeling tired and behind. 

 One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to take a ‘power pause’ at the end of the year to reflect on your achievements and accomplishments, personally and professionally. 

 “When you pause to reflect on all you have done & become, you FEEL & SEE the results of the energy & time you’ve given. You gain the power to focus your life force going forward on what really matters.” 

 In this interactive session, we’ll go through an enlightening and fun process that leaves you feeling good about what you have accomplished including: 

One: Remembering all that you have done and become this year including: · Shifts you've made on the inside, · Impact you’ve had professionally and personally, · Dreams that are more in form today than they were at the start of the year, · Challenges you've faced and have emerged victorious from.

: Giving yourself permission to release holiday/end of the year to-do’s so you focus your life force on what gives you the most return, and creates space to replenish and restore.

: Locking in the wisdom you've gained in 2019 so you can make wiser choices for yourself professionally and personally going forward.

: Get clear on what’s most important for you to focus your life force on the remainder of this year so you can begin 2020 feeling clear, confident, and restored, ready to meet the adventure ahead.

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