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Seattle Angel Conference SAC XIII May 2018

May 16, 12:30 pm - 6:30 pm


May 16
12:30 pm - 6:30 pm


University of Washington


Seattle Angel Conference

Each cycle for the Angel Conference, we start with a series of workshops to get the conversations started. You can see the current workshops at http://meetup.com/Seattle-Angel

The deadline for applying for this next round is February 22nd. Our goal is to gather more than 40 companies and 40 Angel Investors.  After we meet the requirements for starting off the program, we meet weekly to step forward with understanding the companies that have applied.

The general program looks like this:



February 6th – Bryan Brewer – Minimum Fundable Company February 13th – Angel 101 –  Milt Sigelman,

February 20th – Angel Panel – Alison Shaw,

Feb 22 – Deadline for companies – Goal 40+ companies apply , 40 investors signed

Feb 27 – First meeting/review (Investors Only )
Mar 6 – Select Quarter Finalists(Investors Only ) – select 24 quarter finalists
Mar 13 – 3 minute pitch (investors and Quarterfinalists)  12
Mar 20 – 3 minute pitch (investors and Quarterfinalists)  12
Mar 27 – Select Semi Finalists(Investors Only ) select 12 semi Finalists
Apr 3 – 10 minute pitch (Investors and Semifinalists)
Apr 10 – 10 Minute pitch (Investors and Semifinalists)
Apr 17 – Select Finalists(Investors Only ) Select 6 finalists
Apr 24 – Due Diligence(Investors Only )
May 1 – Due Diligence(Investors Only )
May 8 – Due Diligence(Investors Only )
May 15 – Mixer(Investors and finalists)
May 16 – Final Event (public)  12:30 to 6:30

The Entrepreneurs who make it all the way to the finals will have been reviewed several times:

  1. A review of the Gust.com profile by all the investors and then stack ranked to select the quarter finalists
  2. A 3 minute pitch on either March 13 or March 20th  , with a selection of Semi-finalists on March 27th
  3. A 10 minute pitch on either April 3 or April 10th , with a finalist selection on April 17th
  4. Then there will be 4 weeks of due diligence, arranged between the due diligence team and the startup.

For Entprepreneurs who have all their financial and due diligence documents all gathered , a pitch deck put together and practiced, there will be somewhere near 15 hours of work over the course of the program engaging with the due diligence teams.  For those companies which have not put everything together, they will have more work to do.

For Investors, a couple of the workshops can be helpful , like the Angel 101 workshop. And we recommend getting the book “Angel Investing” By David S. Rose.

For those people who join into the program as participating investors, they will be spending 40-60 hours over the course of 12 weeks to learn more deeply about the companies and to select the final winner of the program.

It is not required for a participating investor to attend all of the meetings. It certainly is the case that you get out of the process what you put into it. So regular engagement makes all the difference.

People who want to attend the event or to be a presenting company should buy a ticket at http://sac-xiii.eventbrite.com