Responding to COVID-19

Updated April 24, 2020

Dear Riveters,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over six weeks since this public health crisis took hold. Those who are lucky have been managing changing schedules, working from home, figuring out homeschooling—but many of us are also grappling with loss. Our hearts go out to the many families, small businesses and everyone affected by COVID-19. 

Although we can’t come together in person, working women need support and community now more than ever. Our team has been hard at work to bring The Riveter to life virtually, uniting thousands of Riveters across the country in our online community. This community is a place where working women can tell their stories and come together to make change with a fuller awareness of the diversity of women’s experiences right now. 

If there’s anything this crisis is teaching us is that women have carried more than their fair share for a very long time. As we map out a nation-wide response to COVID-19, we must center working women’s needs. We don’t actually want to return to “normal,” we want more than that. From great crisis can come great change and we hope that women’s needs and voices are taken more seriously as our country rebuilds on the other side of this. 

We can achieve this if we come together and amplify each others’ voices. If we tell our stories, hear one another and connect. There is power in numbers. We invite you to become a Riveter and join us. Our community is free and open to all. 

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy through this incredibly difficult time. We always want to hear from you and learn what you need right now. Reach us at

We’re in this together,

Amy Nelson
Founder & CEO, The Riveter