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Book a Fitness Class

At times, we have all paid the price of success with self-sacrifice and burnout.  The Riveter is changing this.  We are redefining the workplace guided by our fierce conviction that we are strongest when we take care of our minds and bodies. The Riveter creates a new way to work, integrating wellness into our lives, simply and seamlessly.  With wellness offerings like meditation just steps away from your desk, we offer the space to breathe, stretch, pause, and build self-care into each day.


Bala Yoga Partnership
All Riveter Members receive exclusive pricing at Bala Yoga.**
To redeem Riveter discounts, all purchases need to be made at Bala Yoga.


**We’re proud to announce our first-ever wellness partner, Fremont’s own Bala Yoga. Bala’s light, airy studio space and its diverse community celebrating movement, breath, and light makes it the perfect partner to support enrichment in all aspects of our members’ lives.  All levels of Riveter membership receive a 25% Discount on all Bala Yoga memberships, class packages, drop-ins, sauna services, and coming soon, Bala Barre classes. 

To secure this special pricing, stop by Bala Yoga at 3624 Stone Way N.

Packages must be purchased in person. Click the Bala Yoga Partnership link on your Riveter Portal to see the current offerings. Bala Yoga Memberships are non-transferrable and belong solely to the purchaser.  Discount does not apply to trainings, workshops, or retreats.